Using MCA printed sticky notes to promote your business

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Using MCA printed sticky notes to promote your business

Once again, we’re proud to introduce to you our newest MCA Sticky Notes Design for MCA.

Using MCA printed sticky notes to promote your business!

The business of promoting your brand should be a priority for every company owner or business executive. Keeping your name in front of customers is vital if your name is to stick with them and, more importantly, if they are to contact you when your goods or services are required. But how to keep your brand in front of your customers’ eyes all day long?

That’s a tricky challenge and one on which many businesses get stuck.

At Vista Print their printed sticky note pads are the perfect solution for your promotional branding needs. Printed sticky note pads (some people call them branded Post It notes) are constant reminders of what you do and how you can be contacted. And let’s face it, those are probably two of the most important pieces of information you need to get across to clients.

Give your branded sticky notes out in 5s – your customer will thank you for the free gift of course and will happily take notes all day long and pass them around, each one with your company logo and message – perfect. They can’t (and won’t) do that with electronic media.

And of course, they will use all the leaves in your promotional sticky pads over the period of a few weeks, meaning that they will be delighted to see you and ask for more custom sticky pads the next time you pop in with more supplies.

Promotional sticky notes come in a variety of standard shapes: square, landscape and custom shapes such as circles, love hearts or car shapes to name but a few. And best of all, they are low cost from under 1p per leaf – just think of the ROI on an order that comes as a result of someone seeing your company and its services on a printed post-it note.

All in all then, the low tech, paper-based printed sticky notepad is an all-round winner.

Stay tuned in as we are designing a few more sticky notes design!


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